When Is Care Needed?

When should I hire in-home care?

Remember that there are two primary types of home care. Medical and Non-Medical. MLS Senior Care provides the latter. You can read more about Non-Medical Care here. If you have a need for in-home medical care, please contact us and our management staff will be happy to provide you with a recommendation.

However, in regard to in-home non-medical home care, should you hire a caregiver? This is a tough question. Most of us are proud and want to do things for ourselves. However, the reality is that as we get older, there are tasks that will continue to be more difficult. As we age, we will struggle to complete some basic tasks such as personal grooming. Here is a short list of items that one might notice if their loved one is struggling and might need some help:

• Mobility Difficulty such as(walking, sitting, rising from seated position, etc)
• Struggling to keep track of time
• Sleeping more often
• Weight loss
• Confusion while performing tasks
• Forgetfulness

If you begin to notice some of the above behavior in your loved one, they might need some help.

Why hire when I could take care of them?

This is a question most people ask. The problem is always time. Yes, a family member would be the best person to take care of your loved one due to the already established trusting relationship. However, time is the enemy. How do you take care of your loved one without neglecting the people that count on you daily such as your spouse, kids, work, etc?

As your loved one ages, their needs are going to only increase. Their needs can become a burden on family members trying to handle them. This is where MLS Senior Care can help. Our management staff will meet with you and discuss the needs of your loved one and develop a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to their needs. Our experienced caregivers will then care for your loved one based upon the established care plan.

In-home care is a great alternative to assisted living or a nursing home. In-home care allows your loved to be cared for while living within the comfort of their own home.

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