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About MLS Senior Care

MLS Senior Care LLC (Must Love Seniors) was created for the love of Donna.

I met Donna when I was looking for a way to feed my soul and supplement my income. My full-time job as an international logistics manager took me all over the world. I felt blessed for the experiences I had and people I met, but something was missing.

I came across caregiving while researching part-time work. I had found my calling.

When I met Donna, she had been using a wheelchair for more than 30 years. She had hired, fired and formed relationships with more caregivers than I care to think about. Yet she treated each of them as family. Not only was Donna a remarkable businesswoman when it came to managing her “staff,” but she also was an enthusiastic adventurer: She saw more of the world on four wheels than most people could ever hope to see on two legs. Her most recent adventures included an African safari and a visit to the Western Slope to see the wild horses.

Donna's motto was “No fear” and she was unstoppable.

When she could no longer hire her own helpers and was forced to rely on
caregiving agencies, we discussed starting our own agency and keeping our
expenses low so we could make our payroll fair. We envisioned a service
that would enrich the lives of its clients and its employees. A dream
was born.

Donna was my client, my best friend, and my inspiration. I had several clients before and after her, and each offered fulfillment that my logistics work could not. Every time I walked into a client’s home, I received an education in history, compassion, cooking, cleaning, patience, and, most important, love. For that, our agency's name says it all: “Must Love Seniors.”

We look forward to meeting you.

Diana Conner

Great services provided, Owner offers a variety of non medical services

Jamie Miller

I worked as a caregiver for a senior with MLS Senior Care founder, Diana, for 4 years and I promise, you will not find a more caring and loyal caregiver. She consistently went above-and-beyond expectations. She truly enriched the senior’s life; not only as an employee, but more importantly, as a dedicated friend.

Kristin Turner

We use MLS Senior Care and Diana is the best!! Excellent care and very trustworthy!!

Michele Lewis